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redhat cluster without fence device

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Esteemed Contributor

redhat cluster without fence device

hi all,

i have installed redhat el 5.1 on 2 x dl380 g5 with a shared storage (msa2012sa).

I have completed system configuration and multipath config. I even configured one lun to be use as quorum device.

i execute the following command to activate the device a quorum device.
mkqdisk /dev/mapper/mpath3p1

but when i start configure cluster, it ask about program for quorum device heuristic?

and then it ask to configure fence device. Can i skip this if i have quorom device. Configuring ILO for fencing device is not an option as we dont have enough network port allocate for it for the ILO.

Can this config works?
Frequent Advisor

Re: redhat cluster without fence device


Technically it does work. However, fencing is strongly recommended for data integrity. If ILO-fencing is not an option then you should look into imnplementing power fencing or/and SCSI reservation, etc ...

Honored Contributor

Re: redhat cluster without fence device

"mkqdisk -c /dev/devicename -l quorumlablename"

is the syntax i remember;
Esteemed Contributor

Re: redhat cluster without fence device

thanks all. I will proceed with iLo config for primary fencing and quorum as 2nd level of fencing.