redhat es 5.1 install fails on HPDL360 G4

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redhat es 5.1 install fails on HPDL360 G4

hi all,
I have been facing a major failure to install redhat ES 5.1 on HPDL360 G4 SCSI drives server.
When we boot with the redhat ES 5.1 x86 and x64 dvd all goes well , but with both the versions when the install is completed , at frist boot redhat comes up and while it loads the swap fs stops and never proceeds further.
We have updated all the drivers in the server to firmware version 8 and still when the Insight diagnostics say all units have passed all tests there is no way to continue the first boot.
The only version that is working is redhat 4 es update 4 and 64-bit version.
I will be glad if you could help.
This is urgent.
Nuwan Alwis
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Re: redhat es 5.1 install fails on HPDL360 G4

Hi, This is very known problem regarding installing RHEL 5.1 on DL's.
All you need to do is just boot to Rescue mode using CD1 and rewrite the Boot records using grub.
1)Boot the system from the 1st installation CD
2)At the setup screen type "linux rescue" enter
3)Answer any questions that setup will required such as "Language", "Keyboard"
4)once its ready it will mount any pre installed file systems to /mnt/sysimage directory and inform you about it.
5) when it put you to the bash shell( #bash3.x>) type chroot /mnt/sysimage
from here on you are dealing with the files in your actual OS files so be carefull.
6)Type "grub" enter
7)At the Grub prompt (grub>) type following in order

8)exit from the grub using "quit command"

That's the hard part now we are almost done. just need to reflect this change on the grub.conf

9 ) vi /boot/grub/grub.conf
10) Change the line which has "root(hd x, x)" to root(hd0,0)
11) save and exit from vi
12) your done

Please assign marks if this works....;-)