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replication issues with Sybase


replication issues with Sybase

Hello gurus,
we are having a live setup with HP RP8400 with
11.11 installed on it.(primary)
With sybase as our database,i have always observed that there is always a replication
issue on our DR site(HP 9000 N4000/HP-UX 11.11/ 1GB ECC RAM/2 CPU's [PA 8600@550 MHz]).
Many times in the past ppl have changed shmmax
parameter(kernel param).
Currently it looks like this:
(DR server)
Parameter Current Dyn Planned Module Version

shmmax 0x60000000 Y 0X60000000

Also,taking dumps on DR server is taking too
long & there is always huge diffrence between
dumps on primary(around 3 GB) & dumps at DR( around 5 GB)

is it really required to change shmmax param
whenever we face a problem?
is thr any way through sybase?
is sybase a stable database?

thanx in advance
we work, to become...not acquire
Michael Schulte zur Sur
Honored Contributor

Re: replication issues with Sybase


what version of sybase are you using?
The shmmax parameter only specifies how much memory can be used for a shared memory block. Adjustments because of performance problems you will have to do within the configuration of sybase or compare the rest of the kernel parameter. Have you set them according to sybase specifications?



Re: replication issues with Sybase

Hi Michael,

We are using sybase 12.0.
As confirmed with my DBA,kernel parameters
are fine tuned along with the sybase parameters.

From system point of view,we recently
upgraded the DR system from K-class[HP 9000/800/k580 /PA 8200@240MHz x 2nos processors / 2.5 GB ECC RAM] to the earlier specified.

Earlier it wasn't having any partitions.
but now,We have made a partition for bussiness purpose.

tell me,with partition & reduced RAM ( 1 GB current ) is it affecting my sybase queues on DRS?{even after upgrading my system}

let me know what should be the proper values
for both RAM values.

we work, to become...not acquire