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rhel 3 on DL320 G5P ?

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Occasional Visitor

rhel 3 on DL320 G5P ?

is there any driver available for the sata raid controller on dl320 g5p for redhat 3. I checked the drivers page and it seems it supports on rhel 4 and 5. Has anyone tried installing rhel 3 or similar distributions running on the 2.4 kernel on dl320 g5p
Frequent Advisor

Re: rhel 3 on DL320 G5P ?

Yes, I use Ubuntu 8.04 on a HP dv2500t finally a distribution that causes everything to work. Good bye Microsoft
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: rhel 3 on DL320 G5P ?


What update of red hat 3 did you try.

If your tried an older update it would not work because drivers did not exist. If you try update 9 it should work.

If it does not boot the smart start PSP disk, first, update the system and choose the option that lets you go into a guided Linux install from there.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Jimmy Vance

Re: rhel 3 on DL320 G5P ?

You need adpahci for SATA RAID, here is the driver link for RHEL3 update 8

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Occasional Visitor

Re: rhel 3 on DL320 G5P ?

it seems the sata raid controller on dl320 g5p (
seems to be of much later version that supported by adpahci drivers for rhel3 update 8. Also smart start cd only has driver tools for rhel4 and rhel5. I tried the adpahci drivers mentioned above but they dont seem to work on dl320 g5p
Suresh seethapathi
Occasional Visitor

Re: rhel 3 on DL320 G5P ?

Hi Jim & Acckel,

I like to know did you guys find any workaround or proper driver for Dl320 G5p SATA controller to load RHEL3 .

I tried to load RHEL3(2.4.21-74.EL kernel) on dl320 G5p(ICH9R) and stuck up with same problem (RHEL3 could not find the HDD).

Thanks in advance for your help.