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I'm trying to switch over to rman and use that functionality to backup my oracle 9i DB. I ran the following after all the basic configurations were set up:

backup database plus archivelog;

I then deleted all the db files and tried to restore them. The temp db file wasn't restored or backed up. Nor were any of the redo logs backed up and restored. This is only a test DB that I'm doing it with at the moment. Do I have to back up these files explicitly?

Also I zip up my offline redo logs and leave them in the same directory. Now when I run the same statement above rman is trying to find archivelogs that I've already zipped up from a few days ago. Does anyone know how rman decides what archive log files to backup?

thanks in advance.
Steve Steel
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Re: rman


Start at

Have a nice read

steve Steel
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T G Manikandan
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Re: rman

There are several backup scripts of RMAN located at
The $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/demo

Customize to your env.

R. Allan Hicks
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Re: rman

I recommend Oracle 9i: RMAN Backup and Recovery Configure and Use Oracle Recovery Manager by Robert G. Freeman and Matthew Hart published by Oracle Press ISBN 0-07-222662-5

It has some good workshops in it.

It makes for excellent *yawn* bedtime reading.

-Good Luck
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Re: rman

Hi all,

I am a fresh man.
Can you give me some advise
in using rman.
Is there any sample backup plan , recovery plan and scripts?

Thank a lot