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Jack Fan
Regular Advisor


If you have experience in oracle installation and run in rp7410 server plus hpux 11i?

Here I have encounter some database error about ORA-00600 [17059] while I create a new database instance and run catalog.sql & catproc.sql & catrep.sql.

I have some testing result as below,

1. rp7410 + hpux 11i + oracle : okay.

2. rp7410 + hpux 11i + oracle : fail.

3. rp7410 + hpux 11i + oracle : fail.

4. j2240 + hpux 11i + oracle : okay.

Can you help me??

Thanks in advance.

Jack Fan
Jeff Schussele
Honored Contributor

Re: rp7410+hpux11i+oracle

Hi Jack,

You need to contact your Oracle rep or at least Metalink, But I'm pretty sure that 7.3.X is not *fully* supported with HP-UX 11.x
We run nothing less than 8.1.6 with 11.0 OS & or higher with 11i.
Just because it *runs* does not mean it's supported or will run on diff HW or even under a load.
Therefore my advice to you would be to run an absolute minimum of on an RP7410. But don't take my word for it - do the research.

PERSEVERANCE -- Remember, whatever does not kill you only makes you stronger!
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Re: rp7410+hpux11i+oracle

The following from Oracle's product life cycle:
Operating System: HP-UX PA-RISC Version 11i
Oracle Server - Enterprise Edition Version 7.3.4
N/A Version N/A
Status: EMS

Product Version Note:

Terminal Oracle7 release
7.3.4 is supported under Extended Maintenance Support.
To obtain Patch Sets from MetaLink, click the "Patches" button to the left.
Certification Note:

Existing patch sets for 32-bit:,,,

Honored Contributor

Re: rp7410+hpux11i+oracle

[17059] is caused by cursor authorization table overflows due to duplicate cursor entries.

This can happen if during the Oracle initialization phase someone else tries to connect as sys or internal. The problem is that the database is not yet initialized and the second login attempt can't forward the passsword information to the correct cursor.
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: rp7410+hpux11i+oracle

It is still not clear to me even after reading all posts if this release of oracle is supported on your platform.

Some advice: Move to or above. The process may be painful but support for that version of the database on the Oracle side is not going to last forever.

If you are sticking with that release then make sure memory and swap are set according to Oracle guidelines and that you have every required OS patch installed. If it uses java, have all relavent versions of java up to latest release with OS patches at

Make sure the kernel is set up exceeding Oracle guidelines.

The notice I see in the earlier posts shows that Oracle supports the database. That is no surprise really. What you need to do is go to and click on certification matrixes. This will show OS, and database version support.

If you find a version of the database on the same matrix as the OS you have a chance. If not, upgrade. You really should upgrade anyway.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation