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runInstaller problem Oracle app server

Trusted Contributor

runInstaller problem Oracle app server

HP-UX 11i
Oracle App Server For Standard and Enterprise Edition.

/cdrom/hpux/runInstaller Hangs after 5 % sometime after 9%

These are the steps i am doing
1) login as root
2) su - oas
3) export DISPLAY MY-PC-IP:0.0
4) xhost
5) /cdrom/hpux/runInstaller
6) I change the Path to /db01/oracle/product/oas4083

Then it hangs
tried also copying the entire contents from cdrom to hard disk. No Luck.

Any help

A. Clay Stephenson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: runInstaller problem Oracle app server

Have you examined the installation/release notes for any required patches, kernel tunings, and required disk space? The vast majority of Oracle install problems can be rectified by these steps.
If it ain't broke, I can fix that.
Alex Lavrov.
Honored Contributor

Re: runInstaller problem Oracle app server

Well, it's interesting to check what the installer is doing when it hangs.

Locate the process of the installer with "ps -ef" ad then run tusc on it:

tusc -fp

You'll see the system calls. The problem that might be, that it's probably java program and if it hangs on java, we won't see what it's doing.

Tusc can be found here:

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