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rx5670 Linux Install

Darren Chambers
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rx5670 Linux Install

Good day folks,
I'm having some trouble installing Linux on an Itanium rx5670. Here's the problem: I enter elilo linux "console=ttyS0", I get the following back:
New Dev: BLAH (*4 lines of this)
Loading vmlinux...Done
Loading initrd all.rdz...Done

And that's it, the whole thing stops like linux has passed me back a menu or something but it's not sent it to the console.
Has anyone else had this trouble ?
Linux Rocks
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Re: rx5670 Linux Install


Did you really type
(A) linux console=ttyS0
(B) linux "console=ttyS0"

If you type like (B), I think console will goes to somewhere.
You don't need " .

If your rx5670 has a VGA card, just try to connect CRT to see
if console out is there.

Good luck