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samba config

jack Hu_1

samba config

Dear Sir:
My server is 10.20 OS.
I install the samba-2.2.5.
I can see the files from win2k.
But I have the file format problem. 'cause I have lots files there.So do a awk command(awk '{print "%s%c\n",$0,013}' old_file > new_file ) to transfer all the files is difficult.
Is there any samba config parameter can be used ?
ps:the ftp function is ok to win2k.
Darren Prior
Honored Contributor

Re: samba config

Hi Jack,

There isn't an easy way to solve your problem. How is Samba to know whether a file is a text file that needs converting or is a data file that shouldn't be touched?

You could use a cron job that runs ux2dos on any new file in a certain directory and then writes the output to another dir.

The reason ftp works correctly is probably down to it defaulting to a text transfer which performs the conversion - if you transferred a data file it could be damaged.


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Michael Steele_2
Honored Contributor

Re: samba config

Monitor acitivy on port 137 and check for dropped udp packtets.

Routine defragmentation will increase speed.

NFS is an alternative to SAMBA.

Same problem from 2.2.4 through 2.2.5. Suggested solution by patch here:,,0x4415237a4bc6d611abdb0090277a778c,00.html
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Stefan Schulz
Honored Contributor

Re: samba config


as this is not really a samba but a UNIX<->DOS problem, there is no samba configuration for this.

You could use ux2dos to convert this files for you W2K boxes.

Also you could use a editor on your Windows box which can display UNIX textfiles correctly (e.g. Wordpad, VIM ...)

One thing you could do with samba, but this is tricky. You could use the preexec parameter to start a script everytime this share is accessed by a Windows box.

In this script you could search for new files since the last run of the script and convert them with ux2dos.

Hope this helps

Regards Stefan
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