Re: /sbin/ command.

Ramesh Velu
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/sbin/ command.

Any ideas about why this command is required?
Sridhar Bhaskarla
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Re: /sbin/ command.

Very good question. I don't have a solid answer but will try to deal it with some logic.

It is very interesting to see that there are no LVM related object files associated with this command - check the what output. Also, it is not even a linked file - ll. Obviously looks like an LVM cmmand but not really.

So, logically, it seems like it is not required to be there. But I may be wrong. I am also eagerly waiting for an expert to comment.

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Carsten Krege
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Re: /sbin/ command.

This looks like a valid LVM executable. If you do the following:

# cp /sbin/ /tmp/vgdisplay
# /tmp/vgdisplay

you can prove that it works. (Note: All LVM commands are hard links to lvchange and only the command's name decides what is done in the code.). For me it appears as if this binary is meant as an (unpatched) backup copy.
On 11.i the binary has been updated, but also remains unpatched.

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Re: /sbin/ command.


I am not verymuch sure. Anyway I don't think this a valid command. I will give U a suggetion, Please try this. Rename this file and try lvchange command, checkup whether it is working or not. And go to man page of lvchange command and search for

Best of luck

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Re: /sbin/ command.


This command seems to be present only in 10.20 machines.

Secondly running the command errors out saying "it is not a valid LVM command"

Thirdly doing a strings on display output similar to lvdisplay, but i am not sure if it is used at all.


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