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scsi address

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scsi address

how will i get the character device file of my disk. I'm just getting confused on getting my disk character device file. When i tried doing issuing a command of ioscan -funC disk I've got a result of the attachment below.

I've also issued lssf plus device file name and it's correct.

Kent Ostby
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Re: scsi address

The character device files are /dev/rdsk/ .

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Pete Randall
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Re: scsi address


Do a man on mksf and check out the "Naming Conventions" section. The c is supposed to represent the "unique interface card identification number from ioscan".


A. Clay Stephenson
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Re: scsi address

The CHARACTER disk device nodes fall under /dev/rdsk; the BLOCK disk device nodes fall under /dev/dsk. If you do an 'ls -l' /dev/rdsk, you will see that all the nodes have a 'c' as the first character of the mode string; the 'c' indicates a character device. Similarly, ls -l /dev/rdsk will have a 'b' for block devices.
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Stephen Keane
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Re: scsi address

The c part of the disk device is the controller. i.e. the instance number of the SCSI controller to which the disk is connected. If you do an ioscan -fn on your system and look for your disk, go up the tree until you find the controller, look at the controllers instance number and it should be the digit(s) after the c in the disk device.

the controller description will say something like

SCSI C896 Ultra2 Wide LVD