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sendmail 8.11 options.

Honored Contributor

sendmail 8.11 options.

hey everyone,
I was asked to "Test" sendmail for out main company mailserver.I have tried and tried to generate my with the gen_cf sccript. But I cant get the options to work together.
All I want to do is have users be able to send email from any computer. And allow relay from one other server. I tried the access.db but it is just not doing what it is supposed to do. The only optoion that gets me the results that i want is the option for "Promiscuous_relay"
but i dont want to be tagged as an open mail relay.

Any ideas?

Shannon Petry
Honored Contributor

Re: sendmail 8.11 options.

Look for the "smart relay" option. if the hostname to relay is to, then you should be good. Also, make sure that has this entry, as well as systems that will relay off this host. This can be IP/netmask, domainname, or hosts. has some very good examples for configuring relay hosts, as well as gobs of other goodies.

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