sendmail DM masquerade

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Jairo Campana
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sendmail DM masquerade

hello I want masks my direction of email example: to

I modify in / etc/ the option

# who I masquerade as (null for no masquerading) (see also $=M)

but when send to email :
the output is:

from (original)
I need to modify something but?

Eugen Cocalea
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Re: sendmail DM masquerade


This can easily be done within your client. For example, in pine, you can set a role and pretend you are whoever you want. So, no matter what your real username is, you can always send emails from

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Jeffrey S. Sims
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Re: sendmail DM masquerade

Try add the following line into your /etc/mail/ file


This states the domain that you want to masquerade as.

Once the line is inserted create your file from this file by typing

m4 /etc/mail/ > /etc/

You should shy away from editing the file directly. This is always a better way to go.

Then you just restart sendmail by typing

service sendmail restart

All should be well.

Hope it helps