sendmail is not working

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sendmail is not working

hi i am novice with sendmail, even though i have configured yet i cant send mails through outlook/sendmail command. i am using linux redhat 9.0
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Re: sendmail is not working

Welcome to HP-UX

I do this on Linux and am attaching my file to take your files and build a

See attachment.

diagnostic for Linux.

sendmail -v -d8 -d38
type some text


This will let you know what the trouble is.

shows mail build up in the output queue

sendmail -v -q
will try and process the output queue in verbose mode.

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Re: sendmail is not working

Steve, that script needs to be ammended for RH9.

RH9 stores all of the sendmail stuff (except for aliases) in the '/etc/mail/' structure, including the CF files.

Also, if the configuration files have changed, a 'service sendmail restart' will remake any of the DB's or CF's as required (go 'make' :).

I guess a forced-make would be the follownig:

cd /etc/mail
touch virtusertable access domaintable mailertable *.mc


Things to check:

netstat -ntlp | grep sendmail

What does the output of this command list? If you've correctly configured the 'mc' file, it should have a line similar to:

tcp 0 0* LISTEN 770/sendmail

(the 770 will change depending on the PID of yoru sendmail instance).

If you've gotten this far, then you should be getting error messages, more importantly bounce messages. The details of these messages are important, please paste the contents of one here.

The most common one will probably be "Cannot relay". You will need to add your subnet's IP range to '/etc/mail/access', in the form of:

192.168.1 RELAY

Then re-make the database files (either using SEP's script, or by doing the following commands:

cd /etc/mail

Unless you changed the 'mc' files, a sendmail restart is not necessary.)

If not, hopefully this is enough information to help you forward a bit further.
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Re: sendmail is not working

Actually i am working on dial up line, how do i configure it so that my smart host(ISP) can send our message. at present my isp refuses to send any message. may be my config is incorrect?
after testing at my home I have to implement the same at a computer with fixed IP address. how will be that different?