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sendmail ldap

Mino De Angelis
Occasional Contributor

sendmail ldap

Hi everyone,
I'm trying to configure sendmail 8.11 with openldap 2.1.3 to recevie mail for users not without an account on the machine (not present in /etc/passwd).
I read the books and the readme od openldap and sendmail, but I was not able to choose the right way.
Thanks in advance.

W.C. Epperson
Trusted Contributor

Re: sendmail ldap


This is waaaaay non-trivial. We spent months trying to make OpenLDAP work reliably on hp-ux, had constant problems with threading, finally gave up and put the mail hub on a Linux box. You're probably facing a lot of trial and error, and performance/functionality trade-offs. You'll have to choose and integrate everything from password encryption method (we used crypt because we were migrating from a NIS setup) to delivery/retrieval software agents (we used Cyrus).

Maybe someone can give you a cookbook, but we couldn't find one. Good luck.
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