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sendmail, pop and MX record

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sendmail, pop and MX record

now I have installed and configured sendmail and popper; but when I try to send mail from a Window$ client, the mail is not deliver to the receiver. I think this is a dns/sendmail configuration error, cause when I look in the postmaster's mail server box; there are error messages, which says : MX configuration problem, address points back to !
Well, the mail server is the DNS too, and maybe must I put special options in the, don't I ?
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: sendmail, pop and MX record

More details would be quite useful.

A look at the DNS database would help.

I'd like to know if the MX record points to the IP address of the mail servrver.

Post the output from these commands.

nslookup serverhostname
nslookup mxrecord ip addresss

Can you ping all the IP addressed defined above from the windows workstation.

Do you have mail relay enabled in the /etc/mail/access file?

You may have a problem with /etc/aliases

It could be an inconsistent entry there, routing certain mail in a circular direction.

Here is a little diagnostic command you can run on the mail server and see what's going on.
/usr/sbin/sendmail -v -d8.99 -d38.99

This will give us sufficient diagnosis to proceed.


Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
W.C. Epperson
Trusted Contributor

Re: sendmail, pop and MX record

This is usually because the lowest preference (most preferred) MX record points to a server that does not have the domain configured for local delivery ( Cw macro).
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Re: sendmail, pop and MX record

Sorry, but I'm at the moment not at work; so I can't post the output of the commands mentioned above. Will try tomorrow.
Good night.

Re: sendmail, pop and MX record

It runs !!!
It was just a problem with the Cw option (or macro) in which was not correctly set.(was "localhost")
Many thanks.