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server cloning

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Sharon Bi
Frequent Advisor

server cloning

Dear all,

I got a request to make an "exact copy" of a 10.20 on a G70 to a K360. On this G70 box, it has 6 volume groups, with Sybase ( some raw partition). I will also make sure that the two boxes have to have the same patch level.

Is there any way to do this using Ignite? If not use Ignite, can I just create the same volume groups and then restore the files from tape or I will have to have DBA to reinstall Sybase?


Regular Advisor

Re: server cloning

I dont think you can succesfully restored a ignite tape created on a G class to a K class.
If you just want to "clone " once .I would suggest the following.
1.Install 10.20 in the K class system
2.Install the general release patch bundle and update the G class system as well to the same patch level .
3.Take a backup of filesystems and restore them to K class using omniback.If you dont have omniback u can use fbackup.
4.If u have mirror-ux installed in the G class you can split the mirror and do an import in the K class .

But cloning two different class of servers can't be acheived to the point as the drivers and patches for these systems vary according to their hardware architecture.

Its ALL in the MATRIX
Philip Chan_1
Respected Contributor

Re: server cloning

Hi Sharon,

Using the recovery tape is possible, but some more follow up works are required. As soon as you finish recovering (to the K-360) with the ignore tape, all logical volumes under vg00 should be in place, then you'll have to take over from the G70 all non-vg00 logical volumes. For these logical volumes you could use fbackup if they contain cooked file systems. For the Sybase ones, since they will be all be raw partitions, you'll have to use "dd" to copy the logical volume contents. As a reminder, for the Sybase part you must copy over the following raw partitions:

master device
sybsystemproc device
sybsecurity device
all other data devices initialized by Sybase

You should be able to find out from your DBA which logical volumes are in use by Sybase. All lv names must preserve too.

Cloning in such manner is doable, but you must do it carefully.

Good luck.

Philip Chan_1
Respected Contributor

Re: server cloning

Oh ... my mistake, just realized that you're using a recovery tape from "G70" to "K360". This is NOT a good idea, the recovery tape are good only if your two machines are identical, you will probably encounter driver and device incompatibility problems.
Thierry Poels_1
Honored Contributor

Re: server cloning

you CAN try the Ignite/UX recovery tape. The two servers do NOT require to be exactly the same.
Philip said that it's not a good idea to use the recovery tape on a different (type of) server. He is right, chances are indead that recovery might fail, but you could at least try it. I know my colleague has used Ignite/UX to make a test environment a different server class.
good luck,
All unix flavours are exactly the same . . . . . . . . . . for end users anyway.
Edward Sedgemore
Trusted Contributor

Re: server cloning

Ive done lots of upgrade from G/H/I to K's using Ignite with no problems at all. The only thing to watch out for is the drivers for disks and tapes and lan are different, so, before you make the ignite tape on the G/H/I add into the kernel the drivers you will need for the K;


Then it should work fine. It depends which hardware you have on the K, if you have say fiber or 100lan then you will need additional drivers in the kernel before you can see them. If you have 'extra' hardware like this then try copying the system file from a K to your G/H/I and do a diff on them and add in the missing stuff from the K system file and build the kernel. Now you will have all the drivers you could need upon moving to the K.

Esche Markus
Occasional Contributor

Re: server cloning

i set up an IUX server with goldn images, may you test it with that, because the golden image includes all volume groups and all other configuration acept system indendification s.e. ip-addr, hostname, etc.

Honored Contributor

Re: server cloning

Your device files will all be different, that's why you'll run into problems with your vg and really why it's not recommended.
Watch out for static information you don't want.. ie hp100base.conf and change the date too.

You may want to go ahead and try, you'll get an OS us and will be able to modify your vgs with vgexport and vgimport.. or vgscan after installing. Note in any case that ignite is just going to be interested in backing up vg00, to backup/restore other vgs you should you use your traditional method.

It works for me (tm)