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shared libraries

Carles Vila_1
Occasional Contributor

shared libraries

Dear everybody:

I have a little problem when i want to create a shared librery to use that for
the external procedure of Oracle 8.0.5.

I use HP-UX 10.50 and the compiler must
be the cc (Oracle Company dixit). But I have the following problem:

$ cc +Z -c square.c
(Bundled) cc: warning 480: The +Z option is available only with the C/ANSI C pro
duct; ignored.

The question is: there is another version of cc compiler able to create a shared librery?

Alex Glennie
Honored Contributor

Re: shared libraries

have you got /opt/ansic/bin in your PATH ?
Stefan Farrelly
Honored Contributor

Re: shared libraries

You either need the full (payable) HP ANSI/C compiler or download the free GNU C compiler from
Im from Palmerston North, New Zealand, but somehow ended up in London...
Carles Vila
Occasional Visitor

Re: shared libraries

Hi Alex,

I see that I don't have the directory
Then, how I can install it or what I
can do?

Alex Glennie
Honored Contributor

Re: shared libraries

I'd install it off the App's CD's, but it's a purchaseable product !