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smtp problem about relay

Regular Advisor

smtp problem about relay

I want config my hpux server as a mailserver, which can accepet outlookexpress message and relay it to destination.
after config DNS, I can use sendmail send message to destination with telnet logon hpux server.use command like "bdf|mailx -s "try"". but when I use outlookexpress send mail . the server reply "we don't relay".
my sendmail version 8.9.3 , Can some one help me?
Stefan Farrelly
Honored Contributor

Re: smtp problem about relay is probably the mail server not allowing relayed mail, for anti-spam purposed. Try setting up an alias on your server in /etc/mail/aliases. eg. add in;

hp :

Then from outlook send your mail to hp@ (instead of and the alias will forward it on to This should get around the realy problem.
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Regular Advisor

Re: smtp problem about relay

thank you.It's ok