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sndmail as client?

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sndmail as client?

Hi All

I've come up against a stumbling block while trying to configure sendmail.

Normally the Unix server connects to the mail server via smtp which acts as a relay for the massage sending it to the outside world via the default gateway.

In this case the Unix server is to be configured to connect to an intermediary mail server which is not smtp enabled but uses imap4 to send/receive internal mail over x400. Outgoing mail is then sent to another external mail server which resolves the smtp and connects to the default gateway. The option to connect directly to this and use this as a smart relay host is not possible - relaying is and won't be switched on.

Any ideas of options? Essentially the Unix server has to connect to the Exchange mail server, which then sends the mail to the extarnal server which will send via the gateway.

Can the Unix server act as a client and connect to a mailbox on the Exhange server? Is there a way of configuring sendmail to use the intermediary server as a router/relay?

Where there's a will there's a way!

harry d brown jr
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Re: sndmail as client?

Subject: Q4.19 -- How do I configure sendmail for POP/IMAP/... ?
Date: March 12, 2000
You don't. Sendmail is a mail transfer agent whose primary purpose is to send and receive e-mail (primarily via SMTP). Sendmail does not implement any remote access protocols such as POP or IMAP. But if you want to learn more about these and other (non-sendmail) e-mail related things, please refer to our Other (Non-Sendmail) E-Mail Related Links page.

Why not just send mail to the AxChained (a little pun on exchange) server directly using smtp?

and have a look here:

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Steven E. Protter
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Re: sndmail as client?

Your options are pretty much limitless.

You can decide to install qpopper or procmail or pine. All will work as a client.

The problem with connecting to the Exhange Mail server is this:

Exchange MUST be set to relay mail from your server if its going to work. This is apparently not a trivial matter, because my Exchange admins at work say they can't open it up ip address by ip address (/etc/mail/access).

What we do at work is relay of an smtp server. In our case that is a symmantec firewall, with the latest patches. That sever is set to explicitly relay the IP address of our HP-UX servers.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation