snmp service?

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snmp service?

what is it snmp?

is there any way to enable snmp service in linux box?
Step by step
Marcin Golembski_1
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Re: snmp service?

"Simple Network Management Protocol is a protocol for Internet network management services."

Here are the links to the SNMP FAQ:

I think you may have the SNMP packages available on your installation CDs (ucd-snmp-....rpm?)

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Re: snmp service?


You can enable snmp.
But before that, you have to create configuration file /etc/snmp.conf .

In the config file, you have to setup "snmp community name" as access password, and also "MIB tree" as which data to collect.

I don't go the detail of the config file. After you finish to edit the config file, you may enable snmpd (snmp daemon).
If you are using RH,
# chkconfig --level X snmpd on
X is your runlevel.

You may collect not only network related data, but also memory or cpu usage data.

If you have web-server, you can see the data using MRTG.
Go for more detail.

good luck

Mike Hassell
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Re: snmp service?


SNMP is pretty much the standard for moitoring network devices of any kind. It is supported on almost all network platforms (*NIX, Windows, Novell, etc.)

There are also many monitoring applications that utilize SNMP to gather data, such as HP Openview. If you have a lot of servers or workstations to manage, using SNMP can make your life easier as it provides all kinds of information at your fingertips.

SNMP can be rather in depth, but you'll want to start off small and work you way up. Here's a link on the basics that will educate you on what an SNMP agent is and what an MIB is, from there you can take the subject much further depending if SNMP meets one of your needs:

Hope that helps.

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