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Re: snmpwalk

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Hi all,

I've a basic question.
On my system
(HP-UX hostname B.11.23 U ia64 1941763821 unlimited-user license)
I'd need to launch an SNMPWALK command torwards a CISCO router; but I couldn't find that command on the machine..
I checked in swlist and I found thaT OVSNMPAgent 11.23 installed
Do I have to install some other bundle/feature or starting some deamon?

Thanks in advance

All around has to be monitored.
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Re: snmpwalk

snmpwalk is a freeware utility and in not part of HP-UX. It is available in the net-snmp public domain snmp package. There is a port for HP-UX too.
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Re: snmpwalk

I prefer to grab it straight from HP.

Search for Express and choose:
HPUX Internet Express for HP-UX 11i v2

Theres something called Net-SNMP which downloads this:

Which has the command your looking for (along with the other snmp commands).

Typical install, no need to compile or anything. It may not be the Newest version (I didn't check). But it should work for you.