spamassassin + sendmail

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spamassassin + sendmail

i have a Mail-Relay server based on RH-90 + sendmail, it is configured to scan mail for virus, and relay the mail to my organization Exchange-2K Server, i would like to add spamassassin to this server so it will act as a spam filter before relaying the mail to Exchange.
i already installed spamassassin and i got my local.rc file configured, i think i need to configure procmail but i dont know what to configure.
can u help?


Vernon Brown_4
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Re: spamassassin + sendmail

I am also attempting to set up SpamAssassin on my Apache server site runing sendmail. So far the make and make install seemed to go well but I get mucho error messages when I try the tests suggested in the USAGE text.

I'll keep working on it and post back here when I find the problem.

Steven E. Protter
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Re: spamassassin + sendmail

There is a lot of good information on the site

I am deploying Red Hat Linux 3.0 ES (they are having me evaluate it for an article) and teaming it up with spamassassin.

Thus far the sendmail deamon does not work at all. Thats because I forgot to have this directive in my file:

DAEMON_OPTIONS(`Port=smtp,Addr=, Name=MTA')

Change the ip address to a valid one. I'm bringing up my first server with this configuration this weekend and will be able to assist in specific issues in the future.

To have spamassassin start at startup.

chkconfig --level 12345 spamd
service spamd start

Then it will run at startup.

I'm, attaching my buildmail script with will assist in dealing with integration issues.

Steven E Protter
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ger donohue_1

Re: spamassassin + sendmail

Try using mimedefang from roaring penguin.

This uses the milter ability of sendmail to carry out various actions against emails such as virus scanning and running against spamassain.

Regards Ger