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start and stop oracle

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Regular Advisor

start and stop oracle

there is no script in the /sbin/init.d directory. How do i stop oracle manually after su to Oracle.

Jeff Schussele
Honored Contributor

Re: start and stop oracle


If the oracle user has their environment set up correctly - then:

to stop DN => dbshut
to stop Listener => lsnrctl stop

You could do these as follows:

su - oracle -c dbshut
su - oracle -c "lsnrctl stop"

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A. Clay Stephenson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: start and stop oracle

Assuming that the su - oracle sets the appropriate environment then
connect internal
shutdown immediate

The above command works if Oracle 8.x and below; if 9x then you use sqlplus and login as system with the appropriate password.

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Regular Advisor

Re: start and stop oracle

No points to answer posted hereafter...
Rory R Hammond
Trusted Contributor

Re: start and stop oracle

Who cares about points.
Attached is a file that contains startup scripts for the db and the listener.

Note if you use the script to stop the listener. I also tries to shutdown the db

Expect /etc/rc.config.d/oracle
# @(#) $Revision: 72.3 $
# ORACLE_START: Set to 1 to start Oracle server
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