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swa ignore file syntax

Todd McDaniel_1
Honored Contributor

swa ignore file syntax

I have never used this file before, and I am not comfortable with what it is asking for as the bundle and revision.

I get that it needs the QPK in the front but what exactly goes in the and ?


Please tell me if this is the correct syntax.

Also, for normal patches, i didnt really see a clear example how to exclude a single patch. as follows what is the first bit that I need for the following?


Maybe Im just not reading the file correctly or its been a long week..

Unix, the other white meat.
Todd McDaniel_1
Honored Contributor

Re: swa ignore file syntax

sorry i didnt put in what i thought the QPK should be...


I dont know what i need for the single patch.
Unix, the other white meat.

Re: swa ignore file syntax

From the comments within the ignore file, it appears that the syntax would be:


The patches can be excluded on a case by case basis, but you must specify the criteria.

e.g. a patch excluded containing a critical fix:


Take a second look at the ignore file remarks. It took me a couple attempts to master the syntax myself, but it didn't take long.

Good luck!

Todd McDaniel_1
Honored Contributor

Re: swa ignore file syntax

Somehow my ignore file is getting ignored! It still selects all 1500 filesets to install... even though I have explicitly excluded it.

I posted my edit in the ignore file as per your suggestion for the QPK, however it didnt exclude it. So i changed the name of the bundle to this:


That also failed. I wonder, do I need the ".depot" on the end"???

here are also the contents of my SWA file.

Unix, the other white meat.
Bob E Campbell
Honored Contributor

Re: swa ignore file syntax

The ignore file was intended to ignore part of an analyzer. If you really do not want QPK results then select only the analyzers you want:

# swa report -a SEC -a PCW

The second tip is to take a look at the detail report. It is at the tail end of the HTML report or could be generated for the previous run using:

# swa step report -r detail

The detail report will list the reason for every patch selected for the action (default) report and also list the Issue ID that is used with the ignore file.
Regular Visitor

Re: swa ignore file syntax

this is excellent answer,  and solved an ignore I needed to do for CRIT:PHCO_44712 , from a swa-report that patch PHKL_44729 VRTS 5.1 SP1RP3P12 VRTSvxfs Kernel Patch was needed.   I did not know about swa step report -r detail   and how it reveals that correct Issue ID.