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system or networking??

Occasional Advisor

system or networking??

our oracle dbase is on a HP-UNIX platform.
however the db-administrator sits at the floor above ours.
He recently issued a complaint that his sql transactons while working on an explorer interface get timed-out after about 20 minutes while still executing.
As for the unix-administrator, the timeout was set to no-time outs!.
Am wondering if this scenario is due the unix parameters or the windows network that he uses for connection and how to go about it

My Regards.
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: system or networking??


The db admin should install oracle stats pack and examine his sql code.

Unless he's reading the entire database without an index his sql statements should not take that long to execute.

stats pack will do a few things:
1) It will collect data over time and help the database improve its own performance.
2) It will enable the db admin to see if an index is needed to cut the execution time on his sql statements.

This is almost certainly and oracle issue and not an OS issue. You can check os stats for free with the following script set:

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Jonathan Fife
Honored Contributor

Re: system or networking??

I agree with SEP that the problem, as described, is most likely a DB issue.

You have to find out how he was connected. If it was through an interactive terminal (telnet, ssh, what-have-you), then there might be some server-side settings that you can change. If it was through a client that establishes a connection directly with DB, then that is almost assuredly an issue with the DB itself, with the client he was using, or with settings on his particular SQL session.
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Occasional Advisor

Re: system or networking??

thanks to Steve and Jonathan,

However i left out a other fact. If on is working on the the servers 192.168.11.### segment, this hitch does no arise. It only comes when one connects through say 192.168.14.### and any other segment other than the server segment. Network admin suggested a firewall issue...

I think with this fact, the servers have no configuration problem

my regards
Victor Fridyev
Honored Contributor

Re: system or networking??

So you already have answered your question: check network setting on the subnet: usually there is a problem when a switch port defined with auto_negotiation and computer NIC without it.
Check all the road.

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Honored Contributor

Re: system or networking??


What type of application are you running?

The default session timeout for the OC4J server is 20 minutes.

it could be related.

hope this helps!

kind regards
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Occasional Advisor

Re: system or networking??


Now the NetAdmin points out that the timeouts are due to PIX-Firewall setting that auto-time outs all sessions coming in from the other subnets. He dreads an increase in the timeout interval might cause a security worry.

However, i used PuTTY and it seems my telnet sesseions don't suffer from the timeouts even when off the server subnet. Only configured the time interval between keepalives.

However, much as this provides a solution to some few parties, the database guys especially those using OFA, SQL*Plus, PL/SQL Developer, Reports Developer, toad. are still having the timeouts.