tape read error

umang shah_1
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tape read error

tape read error problem in hp-ux 10.20.server is rp dclass 380 and date drive is 12/24.
problem is i take a backup in production server and show to the backup, backup is working fine but this tape show to the standby server problem is tape read error. stand by server is same for production server and os is hp-unix.

second thing i take a backup in standby server, backup is working ok but this tape show to the production server problem is tape read error.i take a backup in tar command pl help for this problem.
Dennis Handly
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Re: tape read error

This appears to be a continuation of your previous thread. It is better to continue there than to create N different threads:

>is rp dclass 380

(Note: You have a D380, not rp, an obsolete D class.)

It seems your tape head is out of alignment. So only that tape drive can read tapes written by it.

You would probably need a third tape drive to see which one is bad.

Some threads on head alignments: