Re: the dc7700 just don't do linux

Steven E. Protter
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Re: the dc7700 just don't do linux

Shalom and congrats.

I'm glad it works for you amx.

Two issues.

1) Its not supported. If you have a problem HP probably won't help.

2) I don't understand why you can't follow the guidelines of the itrc community. You don't hijack other peoples threads and ask for help. Fittingly you got no help and figured it out yourself. ITRC works as follows. You write your own question and you reward the help you receive with point assignment.

I have yet to run into someone as hardheaded as you amx. That helped you fix your problem and takes you outside the community of ITRC.

Take a note from the original question.

HP Official phone support does not want to open a case as linux is not a supported platform.


Steven E Protter
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Re: the dc7700 just don't do linux

We have a new HP dc7700p and can install RHEL 4 and 5 OK but there is no network support for the Intel e1000 network card. Thus the network drivers had to be loaded manually.

The problem is that we are using network kick-start process rather than a direct DVD installation, so that we can get a custom LINUX configuration for our organisation with custom applications etc.... I have been reading about making a driver disk via kick-start but no luck yet.

I notice that the dc7700 is not on the Linux Certified list.

RHEL Compatible hardware

Any ideas welcome.


15 Oct 2007

Robert Vizcarra
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Re: the dc7700 just don't do linux

I had good luck so far with RHEL 5 Desktop on the dc7700U (Ultraslim model).

Would not install initially so I did two things after reading these forums:

1)Updated the BIOS to the current version (786E1 BIOS) version 1.13 Rev.A, August 27, 2007.

2)Standard install failed still, so went into options right at the start and typed: "linux pci=conf1". This allowed me to start and complete the install.

System status: ethernet works fine.
Switching out and back into TTY7 fails, but can still swich back to another TTY.
Onboard sound does not produce sound.

So same results so far as has been described in these forums. I plan to investigate further with video and sound drivers.
Talal Mpouallem
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Re: the dc7700 just don't do linux

Ok. That's fair to say the dc7700 don't boot MOST of major linux distros but...
-Yeah you can have linux in this machine baby!!! There is a simple 2 steps formula: ;-)

=>Step 1.
Slax 6.1.2 boots smooth in my machine.
-Up to this point, many solutions are possible. The one I've tested and I recommend is the following:

=>Step 2.
Follow the gentoo handbook "by the book" and welcome to the matrix!

Gentoo handbook:

Alternate install (because you're using a Live CD):