toptools for Linux

Markus Mattes
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toptools for Linux


I wanted to install the HP Toptools to monitor my system.
HP NetServer Lr, Intel, HDD HP 18 GB, 576M RAM, SuSe Linux 7.1, Kernel

Problem: HP toptools should run on a kernel >= 2.2.16. But it messages that it wouldn't be the proper kernel and that it should be a kernel >=2.2.16. By installation in graphical mode it says there would be no kernel.

The prerequisites tell me that HP toptools is designed for a SuSe Linux v. 7.0.
Is there any chance to use it for kernel 2.4?

Thanks in advance for help

Markus Mattes
Enno Baars

Re: toptools for Linux

Just curious...

What are those "toptools" good for?

Oh God, I hate this damn machine, I wish that they would sell it! It never does that what I mean but only what I tell it.
Jeffrey S. Sims
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Re: toptools for Linux


What version of TopTools are you installing? I don't use it personally but the only information I could find was for version 5.0 Here is a clip of the installation instructions you can find at:

2.1. Hardware Requirements

This version of the TopTools DMI Agent for Linux can be installed only on a specific set of HP computers listed below:
1. Vectra: VLi8, VEi8, VL400 and VL600
2. Kayak: XM600, XU800

Hope this helps (although I doubt it does)
Markus Mattes
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Re: toptools for Linux

Hi Enno,
toptools is a HP-software for monitoring your hardware and your system generally.

Hi Jeffrey,
thanks for your help.
We used a "HP NetServer LPr" with toptools 5.0.2.
I thought that we met the given prerequisites which had been downloaded together with the corresponding toptools software. Maybe it's the wrong hardware.