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tput: unknown terminal "hpterm"

Rajalakshmi Natarajan
Occasional Contributor

tput: unknown terminal "hpterm"

pls help , when i open the unix window i am getting this error and not able to open the vi properly
Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: tput: unknown terminal "hpterm"

At what are you sitting?

> [...] when i open the unix window [...]

What does this mean? What, exactly, are the
commands you're using? Is the "unix" system
an HP-UX system, perhaps? This is a Linux
forum. Is a Linux system involved here?
V. Nyga
Honored Contributor

Re: tput: unknown terminal "hpterm"


see 'man tput':
The tput command recognizes the following command-line arguments:
-Ttype Indicates the type of terminal. Normally this flag is unnecessary because the default is taken from the environment variable TERM.

Check with 'env' your environment variable 'TERM'.
Also check if 'hpterm' exists: 'which hpterm' -> /usr/bin/X11/hpterm
Else use for example 'dtterm' or 'vt200' as terminal type.

Else - please give us more informations!

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