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two instances using same flash_recovery_area

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two instances using same flash_recovery_area

Oracle 10gr2
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Setting up flash_back
I have two instances that I want to share the same flash_recovery_area.

The drive is 134GB
Do I need to split when defining the instance flash_recovery_area.
(They ask for an amount)
Or stipulate instance 1 with 134GB
and stipulate instance 2 with 134GB...
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Re: two instances using same flash_recovery_area

I have read the oracle docs that two instances can share the same flash_recovery_area but the quota must be the same.

So I am still confused it I give both the full 134GB or each get 67GB for quota?
Ben Dehner
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Re: two instances using same flash_recovery_area

I presume you are refering to the db_recovery_file_dest_size parameter, which is per instance. So you would need to split this between the two different instances, that is, set this to 67 GB for each database. (Or however you want to divide it.)

You should not over-allocate the recovery area, because the database only considers the db_recovery_file_dest_size value and not the physical space on the devices, so the FRA will inevitably run out of space. When this happens, it can cause the instance to hang or crash, depending on the configuration.
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Re: two instances using same flash_recovery_area


Multiple database can have the same DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST only if the DB_NAME are different or if the DB_NAME is same (example the primary and standby database) then the DB_UNIQUE_NAME parameter must be different for the databases.

The size you specify should be directly related to the size of the databases in question. If both of them are of the same size then you can go forward with 134GB.

Make sure you understand the Flash Recovery Area is and why we should use if.

if you need further assistance, please let us know.

kind regards
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