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ubuntu/debian + ML30 Gen9 + 2x2TB RAID1?


ubuntu/debian + ML30 Gen9 + 2x2TB RAID1?

Hello guys!

Need your help - today I tried to setup our ML30 Gen9, but faced some problems configuring RAID1. First of all, ubuntu states as not supported smart array b120i (ok, disable it -> AHCI). Second, after creating software RAID1 with installation tool "make it bootable" option just won't work.

Can someone link or guide how to setup such configuration with RAID1? Is Centos 6/7 install with hpvsa driver will be better in this case?

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Re: ubuntu/debian + ML30 Gen9 + 2x2TB RAID1?

This may be of some help...


Re: ubuntu/debian + ML30 Gen9 + 2x2TB RAID1?

ubuntu != redhat + hp provided maintained packages with drivers only for redhat/centos.

I know it's not common setup, but still someone can have it. To solve problem with unable to bootable flag - force install to UEFI mode (check BIOS should also boot with it support), create small (~512Mb) ESP partition at the begining of any drive, which ill be in raid (boot flag will be set on by default), then create raid partitions for all drives and do w/e you want with em -> proceed install. That's it.

Don't forget to disable HP Smart Array in BIOS -> AHCI Support..

Or you can use ubuntu 14.04 and try this one:

The hpdsa driver is no longer being developed past the versions indicated. Do not upgrade the Ubuntu kernel or try to use this binary driver with Xenial. If you have a B-series Smart Array, it is advised to use the Linux md (software raid) driver, or upgrade to an H or P series hardware-based host bus adapter.


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Re: ubuntu/debian + ML30 Gen9 + 2x2TB RAID1?

Hi.  We have released a package that enhances the AHCI+mdadm and enables you to create a fault tolerant RAID1 mirror set that is bootable.  You can access it here:

Let me know if that doesn't meet your need.