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unable to install Linux(Red Hat 8)

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unable to install Linux(Red Hat 8)

Hi All, I bought compaq presario 2134AD.It has XP Profesional loaded.I have created 4 partitions(including c).I am new to Linux.I planned to install Linux in partition F (6GB).After inserting the Linux CD in the CD Rom and starting the system, it boots from the CD.I get the red hat logo.First I tried the GUI mode for installation.It searches for the hardwares and Drive.Then I get the prompt saying "Partition Check ... " and its hangs at that point.I even left it for more than half an hour but it doest proceed from there.I also tried to install with "noprobe" option but same result.
We followed the same step and were able to install linux with the same CD in another notebook of same configuration and model.
Pls suggest.
Alexander Chuzhoy
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Re: unable to install Linux(Red Hat 8)

I suggest you to boot into XP and to run file system check on every available partition
Vijaya Kumar_3
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Re: unable to install Linux(Red Hat 8)

The issue may be with your Windows XP partition configuration. Basically Windows will do only two physical partitions and whatever you do other than that are logical partitions.

I think you installed on the other notebook with 2 physical partitions?

Can you try creating only two partiotions, in windows XP and install linux on the second one.

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Bruce Copeland
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Re: unable to install Linux(Red Hat 8)

Very often the message where an installation (or boot) hangs is not actually the step that causes the hang. On notebook hardware (particularly Compaq and HP) it is often necessary to start the install with the parameters nopcmcia, nousb, nodma and/or nomce. Before starting the install, you also want to make sure that legacy usb support is turned off in the bios. Slight differences in the bios or timing between nominally identical models can cause one to fail on installation when another succeeds.

I suggest you check the following places for additional info;

The latter is a link to one of my sites, which is relevant because of the similarity between all the HP ze4000/ze5000 series and the Compaq Presario 2100 and 2500 series.