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uncompress problem

uncompress problem

Hi all.

To backup my oracle DB I do the following:

alter tablespace xxx begin backup
host cp /d1/datafile1 /d2/datafile1
host cp /d1/datafile2 /d2/datafile2
alter tablespace xxx end backup
compress -f /d2/datafile1
compress -f /d2/datafile2

... another tablespaces.

Now I?m going to test this backup trying to restore it in another box.

uncompress /d2/datafile1
uncompress /d2/datafile1

but with some files (not all of them) uncompress says

uncompress: corrupt input

the same occurs trying uncompress on the original box (so it isn?t a copy between machines problem).

The backup process log say?s nothing about problems with compress

#which compress
$Revision: $
PATCH_11_00: compress.o 99/09/03

Thank you in advance.
Santosh Nair_1
Honored Contributor

Re: uncompress problem

Slightly off about using gzip instead of generally get better compression than does compress.

Also, instead of cp'ing how about doing something like gzip -c /d1/datafile1 > /d2/datafile1.gz, which would compress on the fly thus reducing space requirements on /d2.

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Ovidiu D. Raita
Valued Contributor

Re: uncompress problem

Are the datafiles bigger than 2GB? If yes, try gzip.

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Re: uncompress problem

Thank's all

I'll try gzip, but with --fast option because before using compress I was using gzip -> better compression ratio but worst times (cp+compress 4 hours, cp+gzip 12 hours ...)