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unshar a file

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unshar a file

Hello ,
How to unshar a shar file?
john korterman
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Re: unshar a file


make a cd to the directory where you want to unshar the (patch)file and:

# sh filename

John K.
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Re: unshar a file


see also "man shar"

The shar command bundles the named files and directories into a single distribution package suitable for mailing or moving. The files can contain any data, including executables. The resulting package, written to standard output, is a shell script file that can be edited (to add messages at the beginning, etc.).

To unpack package, use the sh command with the package name as an argument as follows:

sh package

kind regards
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Re: unshar a file

hai chetana,

copy your file which you want to unshar to a desired directory, and exicute the following comand;

# sh

After unsharing you will get the .depot file and txt file. The .depot file you can use for installation along with swinstall command.

Best wishes,

Dennis Handly
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Re: unshar a file

>Vinu: copy your file which you want to unshar to a desired directory,

No need to copy, you can move. And in any case, you must be in the directory, unless absolute paths were used to create the shar file.
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Re: unshar a file

Thanx a lot for the support