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/usr/lib/ error

/usr/lib/ error

Dear All,

I have 9000 series HP-UX 11.11i workstation, I have installed Oracle with database say XYZ. We I try to start my PLM tool, the application will first test the connection between application and oracle, and during test connection is unsuccessfull and I am getting error as enclosed with this request.

Please find the attachment. Any solutions for this error, please let me know. I trying hard from last two days, still not able to sort this.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: /usr/lib/ error

please check at metalink about that. i saw some error related with your error

Problem Description

On HP/UX 11 with Oracle Server 7.x or 8.x when you run

% ctxload -user datvrv/datvrv -name prospect -file new.txt

You immediately receive the error:

/usr/lib/ Invalid version for shared library:
/usr/lib/ Exec format error

Solution Description

There may be a problem with the version of /usr/lib/ included
into the client shared library LIBCLNTSH.SL.

First verify that the executable is including the correct LIBCLNTSH.SL,
wish should be from $ORACLE_HOME/lib. This can be confirmed by setting
environment variable SHLIB_PATH = $ORACLE_HOME/lib.

For Bourne or Korn Shell:

$ export SHLIB_PATH

For C shell:


You must run genclntsh to create a clean copy of the client shared
library LIBCLNTSH.SL. As the owner of the Oracle software:

% cd $ORACLE_HOME/bin
% genclntsh

After generating LIBCLNTSH.SL the new version of LIBCLNTSH.SL
must be included into the executables for CONTEXT.

% cd $ORACLE_HOME/ctx/lib
% make -f install


The problems is with the version of /usr/lib/ included
into the client shared library LIBCLNTSH.SL then relinked into
the Context executables.

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Re: /usr/lib/ error


verify that you environment variables are as such:
$LD_LIBRARY_PATH - includes $ORACLE_HOME/lib, but not $ORACLE_HOME/lib32
$SHLIB_PATH - includes $ORACLE_HOME/lib32, but not $ORACLE_HOME/lib

hope this helps too!
kind regards
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