vMware ESX Storage Migration Question

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vMware ESX Storage Migration Question

We've a sizablr amount of vMware LUNs that we need to move to a new array. I've suggested to our WIndows Amdins who aminister ESX that perhaps we could just do mirroring on the ESX host level?

If I understand it correctly - ESX sits on top of a stripped down version of RedHat Linux - right? And it's erally Linux that interacts (multi-path, HBA, etc..) with teh SAN/Storage Array.

Could we not just employ Linux level storage tools to move over this LUNs/Mirror to new storage?

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Re: vMware ESX Storage Migration Question

Hm, I must have missed this thread and responded to this one:

In short:
- ESX (the VMkernel) runs _below_ the Linux-based Service Console
- multipathing is done by the VMkernel's Fibre Channel adapter driver
- Virtual Machines are stored on a VMware specific file system (VMFS)

I suggest we keep the discussion going in the other thread.