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My server is running on Unixware 7.1.3 and suddenly it has become slow. RAM & Hard disk capacity seems adequate. What could be the issue?
Again, how do I disable /var/spool/mqueue from growing in Unixware 7.1.3?
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: /var/spool/mqueue


You don't disable /var/spool/mqueue

You look at the mail log and figure out where the mail entries are coming from.

You configure the system to deliver legitimate mail and you protect it from spam if thats what is in there.

Take a look at the configuration and the contents of some of the files.

Figure out and solve the problem.

If the system absolutely does not need to accept mail, by all means manually empty the directory and disable the sendmail daemon.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Michal Kapalka (mikap)
Honored Contributor

Re: /var/spool/mqueue


yust delete all entries from :


Yogesh M Puranik
Valued Contributor

Re: /var/spool/mqueue


>>>My server is running on Unixware 7.1.3 and suddenly it has become slow

There are multiple reasons for slow performance of server.Well you told RAM and HDD capacity is adaquate it doesnt mean everytime u will get smooth didnt mention the current utilisation of each,CPU,memory,disk.

Your cheak points could be.

1]CPU :

check which top processes consuming most of the cpu and whther these are running or sleep or defunct.


check whther swap utilisation is high .
If yes check top memory utilised processes.


Check whther a perticular disk is showing abnormal behavior.

4]Most imp check your application/kernel paramters are properly tunned.

>>>> how do I disable /var/spool/mqueue from growing in Unixware 7.1.3?

Why you want to disable mqueue?? disbaling mqueue means disabling sendmail.

If your mqueue contains large number of files you can move to other place,

#stop sendmail

# mv / var/spool/mqeue/*
#start sendmail.

I hope above points may help you .


(Your points are highly aapritiated)