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vi and @

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vi and @

Hi all,

I have a little problem on 11.23.
When I enter the vi editor I cannot type the @ character. Everytime I try to type it (shift + 2 from the american keyboard) the cursor just goes back. All the other characters (symbols and letters) works fine.
Any idea?

Thanks in advance for your help.
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Re: vi and @

What does "stty -a" say? I remember that some terminal types end up with @ assigned to a terminal function for some silly reason.
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Re: vi and @

Hi Heironimus,

thanks for your help.

I have run "stty -a" and I noticed that the function "kill" was associated with @

Therefore, I tryed to run:
stty kill '^X' intr '^C'

and now it works fine!

Thanks once again :-)
Tim Nelson
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Re: vi and @


Welcome to the HP Forums. Glad to have you aboard.

Looks like Heironimus helped solve your issue. Don't forget to assign some points in appreciation for his efforts. It is easy, simply use the pull down next to his response and pick a number, then click submit.

Again, welcome and hope to see you back again in the future.


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Re: vi and @

Yep...what Heironumus said....

the first place I encountered this was Wyse60's and trying to run mailx on the command line...of course the @ blew away everything back to the beginning.

One thing to can still use the "@" when logging in, it allows you to start the password over if you think you mistyped something.