visualize fx5 and xfree86

Heiner E. Lennackers
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visualize fx5 and xfree86


i have a Visualize X-Class Workstation (HP Kayak P3 733, 1GB RAM, 18GB HD, fx5 graphics), which previously ran with Windows NT4. Now the system sould be reinstalled with Linux. The distribution of choise is Debian 3.0 (currently still beta, with xfree86 4.1).
Can someone tell me what driver i have to select to get the fx5 working. maybe i have to download and compile a special xfree driver for it. Does somebody know where to download it?

if this makes any sense to you, you have a BIG problem
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Re: visualize fx5 and xfree86


according to
you may download HP's download site, but as I tried, the URL missing.

So why don't you try to configure the card as FBDEV?


rainer doelker
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Re: visualize fx5 and xfree86

Hello Heiner,

from the divisions point of view we do not support Linux on a Visualize X-Class, which were build for NT.

Technically they should be the same.

The division does only provide support for RedHat6.1 to RH7.1.

The necessary RPM's can be found on the following web-site:

or use and select the model you have....

These RPM (hpgraphics and kernel) should be loaded to the Kayak with linux. If you want to use OGL-HW-acceleration you may load the libraries as well.

I'm not sure in how far you'll get full functionality on a different distribution else than the ones recommended by our labs.

Hope this helps,