vpn issue


vpn issue

hi all

I'm running an RH box 8.0 with squid+masq. which provides Internet service to my LAN, now i want this box also act as a VPN server for my field force team which uses MS windows OS on their notebooks connect through internet to our main office network.

Plz tell me how can i do this

thanks in advance
Stuart Browne
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Re: vpn issue

I swear this is like the first question in a week that I can answer that hasn't already been answered! Anyway..

TO do this, you'll need the PopTop package (pptpd). It includes the VPN server (pptpd) as well as the kernel and pppd patches requierd to be made.

Using RH8, you will need the kernel source, and the PPPD source packages. The patches into both the pppd and kernel source should be clean (I don't recall having to make any great changes, except to get the kernel RPM to build some images for me nicely).

Once this is done, and /etc/pptpd.conf is made, it should be relativly simple.

There are a few howto's around of which walk you through most of the steps.

You might want to start at http://sourceforge.net/projects/poptop/ (to get your sources).

good luck ;) It is all pretty simple if you are used to patching/rebuilding packages.
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Re: vpn issue

hi stuart

thanks for ur magic answer, i resolve that issue

thanks again