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wamp php oracle connection problem

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Pinki Meggi
Frequent Advisor

wamp php oracle connection problem

Hi everyone,

Im using wamp server ( apache+php+mysql) on windows xp. Im trying to connect oracle from php. For that i able the php_oci8.dll extension. I also installed the oracle instant library, but i found a error message in log file:

unable to load extension c:\wamp\php\ext\php_oci8.dll

I tried to search abiut this, but couldnt solve the problem.

Please, anyone can help me to solve this.

Best Regards

Randy C.
Valued Contributor

Re: wamp php oracle connection problem


I don't know what versions of apache, php, or mysql you are using so this may not apply, but I found this information at :

"10-Apr-2007 10:56
I had a problem loading php_oci8.dll with php 5.2, Apache, and windows XP - a module not loaded error, on every apache restart.
I eventually found that I had to add the oracle instantclient library path to the %PATH% under SYSTEM and not under USER. Doing that, and then rebooting, fixed the error - as Apache is starting as a service (outside the user setup)."

Hope this helps. -Randy
Pinki Meggi
Frequent Advisor

Re: wamp php oracle connection problem


Thanks a lot for reply,

It helped me alot, im working on to solve the problem.

Thanks once again.

Best Regards.