Re: what Unix to choose ?

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what Unix to choose ?


I'm new to the Unix world.

I have to find a Linux Version ( on Intel PIII ).

I don't want to try *all* of them ... so I need advise .

Can you help me finding an "easy" linux ( easy to install , easy to maintain )

I can learn a few unix command but I don't want to be obliged to become a GURU just for two machines

thanks in advance

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Ceesjan van Hattum
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Re: what Unix to choose ?

Most people around the world use RedHat. Most people in Europe use SuSE. SuSE is more complete and has a lot of plug-and-play features, easy to install and a lot of applications (use version 8.0).
If you are expert, use Caldera. But really.. i would recommend SuSE, for beginners and experts..

Steven Mertens
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Re: what Unix to choose ?


I should also choose between Redhat & Suse
because they are the most mainstream linux distros. Also, if you want to use commercial
software on it, the chance is bigger that
this software is certified for those distros.
At my job the choice was redhat, mainly
for support reasons and because its the most
used distro in the entreprise environment.


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Re: what Unix to choose ?

I like debian, but it's a pain to install, particularly on earlier versions.

You can download live eval versions of suze and redhat from their sites, which don't require install. .. just for cd evaluation. Typically you can get them on cd's with magazines.

My linux install is based on which works for my hardware without having to change anything.

I do tend to try harder to install suze, because I feel it's a more pro build, however, redhat seems more widely accepted.

Debian is also good because it's free, and is well accepted also (GNU linux)

It works for me (tm)
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Re: what Unix to choose ?


Check your H/W (video chip, scsi chip) if the distribution in your mind support these chips.
Especially, many people are trouble with X Server.

If you have some application in your mind, check the application support which distribution.

FYI, linux is called "Unix like OS".

Good luck


Re: what Unix to choose ?

Thank you all

I'll have a look at suze and redhat


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Frederic Zeller
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Re: what Unix to choose ?

Hi Zo??

Sorry to add another one :

One of my friends recently tried three differents linux . He was just like you : new to Unix world

He tried ReadHat,Suze and Mandrake , all in a row

=> He told me that Mandrake was the easiest ...


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Milan Antunovic
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Re: what Unix to choose ?

Mandrake 8.2 is user friendly. Best display settings for example.
Have a nice day.
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Johan Nielsen

Re: what Unix to choose ?

I would recommend the Redhat distribution of Linux. A couple of reasons; first of all, Redhat is currently the only distribution of Linux that has proven to be financially viable - in other words, they're actually making money distributing Linux. I think this is important from a viability standpoint. I believe that other distributions of Linux are attempting to join forces with Redhat because of this. Second, I have had great experience installing and configuring Redhat especially the later releases.
Marco Paganini
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Re: what Unix to choose ?

Hello Zo??,

I'd choose:

1) RedHat - Commercial support is available, lots of people using.

2) SuSe - Lots of users in Europe. It's also good.

3) debian - Very powerful packaging system, but hard to install. For pros only.

Hope it helps,
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