what is wrong with usenet?

Paul Vogt
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what is wrong with usenet?

Although I appriciate HP's efford to support exchange of information, I wonder
why there is need of a new
platform for it. Usenet has been proven to be a usefull medium of exchanging
information. So I wonder what the bonus of the medium will be regarding to

Jason Fink_1
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Re: what is wrong with usenet?

iven the fact that most HP web endeavors require and ISDN connection to survive
the server load and bloated images -- I have no idea what is wrong with USENET
or why HP hasn't intergrated USENET into a web interface (something deja) so
you can use one or the other
Jeff Siegle_1
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Re: what is wrong with usenet?

Hi Paul-

Thanks for your message and your concern. As the team lead for the
implementation of the ITRC Forums, I would say that this issue has been kicked
around since the early stages of this project this past summer, and we continue
to think about this even today (obviously, since I'm responding to your message
:) ).

In my mind, the bonus of this feature over Usenet is the additional features
that are available at your fingertips as you use the ITRC. The purpose of the
ITRC site is to provide you with "tools" (whether it's a technical knowledge
base, a diagnostic tool you download to assess your system, access to peers
through these forums, or the ability to solve problems with an HP Response
Center engineer) to help you do your job more efficiently and effectively.
Ideally, it would be great to have all of thes features seamlessly woven
together, have them accessible from a single source, so that you don't have to
spend your surfing from here to there.

Our intent at HP was simply to provide a vehicle that would foster a vibrant
user community: so that you could be able to interact with your peers, share
best practices, exchange ideas, and meet people who are struggling with or have
solved similar job issues as you. Thousands of people use the ITRC on a daily
basis, so why not help create a "gathering place" for you to congregate as you
go about you day-to-day job?

I'm open to discuss how we can best provide that environment, and would greatly
value any thoughts on how to accomplish this. Help us figure out how to make
your job & lives more effective and efficient.

Anthony Goonetilleke_1
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Re: what is wrong with usenet?

Have you counted the number of publicly accessible usenet sites lately? Even
Deja news is charging now. At least this is free and easily accessible for
those of us who only have external web access.
Any way to save money on support calls must be good :)
As long as it stays free and unbiased in the same vein as usenet I cant really
see what the problem is.


PS: And no HP didnt pay me for this, and no I dont work for them.. Although a
free mug would be nice :-p (Just Kidding...)