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Re: where rpm installes applications ???

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where rpm installes applications ???

I wana that when I tries to install any package/software i issued '#rpm -ivh abcd.rpm'. But it doesnt ask me where to install the software/package. So I want to know that where my *.rpm software/apps actually installs I mean in which directory??? In MS Windows when anyone installs software, the installer ask where to install the software, but in Linux rpm doesnt ask.

Is there any way to install *.rpm packages at the location of our choice ??
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Re: where rpm installes applications ???

If you use 'rpm -ql ' it will tell you where it has installed the package too.

If you insist on installing to a different directory (not really advisable), then you can force the root-directory to be elsewhere. To do this, use 'rpm -ivh --root /your/new/directory '.

NOTE: This will shift all of the files in the package to the new structure, this includes all documentation and configuration.

If this isn't what you really want to do (I doubt it is), then you're looking at recompiling the SRC RPM's and forcing your directory structure onto the compile. The how-to-do-this is different for basically every package.
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Re: where rpm installes applications ???

rpm -iv rpm_name.rpm will give you a more verbose output so you see whats going on with an installation.

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Re: where rpm installes applications ???

if you do a rpm -qpl filename.rpm before to install it, you get the list of files to be installed.

Linux?. Yes, of course.