Trystan MacDonald_2
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Has anybody successfully installed Microsoft Office 2000 on a Linux machine using wine?

If so, I would be very gratefull if you could pass on some tips as I am going round in circles with this.


Bruce Copeland
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Re: wine


I would be very surprised if it's even possible to run office under Wine. Remember all those complaints from WordPerfect years ago about MS using proprietary system calls in Word, Excel, etc? At the time, I didn't really believe it was true (and I still don't believe that was WordPerfect's main difficulty competing with Word), but I AM now convinced that MS DOES use proprietary system calls in Office. So the only way you will be able to make it work is to have access to all the original Windows dlls under Wine. Have you searched Google to see if anyone else has ever successfully run Office under wine?

John Meissner
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Re: wine

The biggest program I've managed to install under wine was Lotus Notes client. It runs quite nicely. I've also installed quicktime. but I had problems with this at first.

Knowing how Microsoft ties it's office applications into the OS I highly doubt you'll succeed installing it. Keeping this in mind there are 3 choices.

1) run Microsoft (you don't really want to do this do you?)

2) use Open Office ( )

3) try using Crossover (a program based off and using WINE this program installs applications with WINE and has a good success rate.)
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Matthew Couper
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Re: wine

Codeweavers Crossover Office can install and run Office (98, and maybe 2000) with some minor problems, mostly with Power Point and Internet Exploerer.

I would suggest using Open Office as mentioned, it is very good and does a good job with most Office apps. I have lost some formatting when saving from OO (bullet points mostly) but I need to use it more often to figure out the tricks to "Save as..."
It reads most Office files nearly perfectly
Balaji N
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Re: wine

wine and microsoft office. i dont think as of now it is going to be possible. wine is improving but will take a long time to run office.

if u have $$, try buying crossover office. they claim to run a lot of applications under linux. and that when u have $$$ to buy office, i think buying crossover office is worth it.

my 2c's.

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Jerome Henry
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Re: wine

I had Office work with Vmware... still $$, but it works...
As for wine, I had the same trouble, I heard about a guy succeeding in installing it on a fake_windows partition using the default
DllOverrides: "*" = "builtin, native, so". But he made in on NOT installing IE5, and still had trouble on many things, such as saving files, for example...
See an interesting article on that matter, along with CrossOver on
Hope it helps.
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