x11vnc disconnects

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x11vnc disconnects


When I am trying to login or logout from my redhat entreprise linux 3 machine through x11vnc the commmand is processed but the connection is lost.
Any solution for this problem?

Steven E. Protter
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Re: x11vnc disconnects


How are you running vnc on RH 3.

We've found that running it as part of the xinetd daemon instead of a service leads to better reliability.

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Re: x11vnc disconnects


I am not sure if I understood your question.
I need to access my physical display remotely and vnc doesn't support this so I downloaded X11vnc which support this utility.
If the host is already logged and I access it through x11vnc , the process worked well.
But if I access the login screen and try to log in the connection is lost and the login process is done.

Bill Thorsteinson
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Re: x11vnc disconnects

The login will change owneership of the root
display. VNC then looses access, requiring
a reconnect.

If you need to login, then regular VNC running
as a service should be fine.
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Re: x11vnc disconnects

Hi guys again,

Sorry if I am not giving you the right info .I am new to linux.
I am using X11vnc and not vnc.
Steven:what is the difference between running x11vnc as part of the xinetd daemon or a service.
Bill:you and steven have different views.you told me that running X11vnc as a service is better while steven said the opposit.

I need to work on the same display as the one on my physical monitor plugged on the host so when I work on my pc through x11vnc the user of the host machine can view what i am doing and vice versa.
vnc provides me a gui display session but not the one on my display:0 on the physical monitor.