xt1500 ventilator

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xt1500 ventilator

every three minutes my ventilator starts working for some seconds - even if I'm not doing anything. Has anyone any idea how I tell him to respect the real temperature?

I'm preparing an omnibook xt1500 using SuSE 8.1. (Could changing the dist be a solution?)
Cristian Draghici
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Re: xt1500 ventilator


I can't tell if you have the same problem as I do but on my box (xe4500) the APM does not work.
There's a new specification that obsoletes APM called ACPI. Unfortunatelly no linux kernel will work out of the box with ACPI.

So go to:
http://sourceforge.net/projects/acpi to download a patch for your kernel, apply it over the kernel sources, recompile the kernel and give it a try.

In the worst case, you will end up with a unusable kernel and some lost time. If things go well, you should be able to control some of the power management features of your laptop. (you can even create scripts that run on certain events like closing the lid or pushing the power button).

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