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xw6600 with openSUSE 11.0/10.3, lots of interrupts from USB hubs at start

Occasional Contributor

xw6600 with openSUSE 11.0/10.3, lots of interrupts from USB hubs at start

I'm seeing a problem (I've reported it to the kernel devs via Novell) where the USB hubs on the xw6600 send a plethora of interrupts at start up time resulting in the infamous 'nobody cared' condition and the disabling of the interrupts. The front side hub ports (usb5) doesn't have the issue... just the hubs associated with the back of the machine (usb2,3,4).

ehci tanks since it sits across them all... I'm able to use uhci (USB 1.1) off the front USB ports with some clever tweaking. Seems this problem has occurred in the past on some other pieces of HP equipment (e.g. some laptops) and the solution was a BIOS upgrade. I'm already running the latest for the xw6600 which I believe is 1.24 (off the top of my head).

IRQ disabling problem occurs in 10.3/11.0 and with the latest kernel 2.6.27rc5.

Now... I believe the true fix is to get the HP BIOS corrected (??)... but what's the best way to let HP know?