ze5250 Specs Needed

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ze5250 Specs Needed

I have been looking around for the specs on the lcd screen and netowrk card. I was wondering if someone can link me to them...or if you know tell me. I am in need of the type/chipset of the NIC and horizontal/vertical refresh rates for the lcd monitor. I am planning on installing debian linux however I cannot seem to load the correct driver for the NIC.

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Re: ze5250 Specs Needed

Hi Franck,

You are right, the specs are not detailled in HP product specifications page. But they are on driver section (only for XP, though, not for linux) !
Your NIC is said to be National Semiconductor DP83815/816 10/100 MacPhyter, but I don't know if there is any Linux driver for this.
But I didn't find anything for your screen. Usually, on redhat install, I choose 'standard LCD 1024x768 screen' and it works. Maybe could you try the same for Debian...
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Re: ze5250 Specs Needed


Check this site:

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Re: ze5250 Specs Needed


I have a ze4100 with the same NIC and presumably the same video/LCD setup. The NIC works just fine using RedHat 8.0/9.0, so I'm sure you should have no problem with Debian. Use of horizontal/vertical refresh rates is pretty much passe under the newer versions of XFree86. You are however likely to encounter some other graphics issues. Take a look at my ze4100 web site (and references therein) to get a handle on some of the video/ACPI issues you may encounter: